Saturday, March 8, 2014

Coming Home

We survived the week!  We spent Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday stacking sticks.

On Wednesday, we had our day off!  We started the day off with a tour at a museum, where we learned  about the history and geology of the Grand Canyon.  Then, we ate lunch before setting off to hike in the canyon.  We hiked for two hours (down and back) but didn't even make it to the first stop at 1.5 miles!  We had to take a lot of stops on the way down for photo opportunities, and then we had to stop on the way back because we were working so hard!  Following that, we traveled out to the Tusayan Ruins, and then to the Watch Tower!

On Friday, we worked to clean some trailers for seasonal employees, as well as the apartments we were staying in.  We ended the week with a dinner at El Tovar, a restaurant and hotel at the Canyon.

We are currently all sitting in the airport waiting for our flight - which is delayed!!  But we will make it home this evening!!

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